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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

90. Tangled (A-)
91. The Fighter (B+)
92. The Red Shoes (A+)
93. True Grit (A-)
94. Chicago (A+)
95. It's A Wonderful Life (A+)
96. Michael Clayton (A)
97. Fantasia (C+)

Walt Disney's dream project is an instance of a studio shooting for unabashed art over commercialism - and also an example of why studios usually don't do that, because it cost them tons of money. As groundbreaking as the animation was, it's not particularly accessible to people who aren't huge fans of the particular musical pieces. I really wanted to like this, given the ambition and the technical skill involved, but most of the sequences are uninvolving. "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" is the most famous, often aired on its own as an animated short, which is why I'd seen it before; indeed, I think a lot of these would have worked better as shorts. Strung together as a two-hour film, it starts to test one's patience. My favourite was probably the Greco-Roman mythology-inspired "Pastoral Symphony".
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