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Re: Exploring the Uncharted Territories: A Farscape Viewing Experience

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I know you guys, label and RoJo, were probably looking forward to reading my thoughts on "Rhapsody in Blue" tonight based on your comments about the episode, but I think that's going to wait. I've enjoyed the episodes I've watched today, but I feel sort of Farscaped out for the day (five in one day is kind of a lot ).
It's all good. I just started re-watching ST:TNG from the beginning for the first time in like a decade (just found an incredible deal on the box set) and I can't manage more than 1 episode a day so I completely understand not doing more than you did already.

Besides, I like to watch an episode, read reviews of the episode, let it percolate for a night and discuss when I'm watching a series like that. When I rewatch Bab 5 I always read through everything that the Lurkers Guide has on that episode before I watch the next episode. I personally seem to get more out of them that way.
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