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Re: Exploring the Uncharted Territories: A Farscape Viewing Experience

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You are making me want to re-watch the series, like whoa.
That's a good thing, no?

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Guess it'll be interesting to see what the crazyfather thinks of it after he watches it.
I really need to come up with a new name sometime... In my nick, "Pere" was actually an abbreviated form of "Peregrine" (as in the falcon) which I used to use in an IRC room years ago. People there often shortened it for easier typing, and it kind of stuck. I never knew it happened to be a French word until a few years ago when someone here first mentioned here.

They've Got a Secret
- I have to admit, Aeryn raises an interesting point about our domestication of animals. We'd never like to think of our "beasts of burden" and pets as slaves, but I suppose at least some of them - such as horses, to use the example in her conversation with Crichton - could be.

- It's nice to see that the events of "DNA Mad Scientist" are revisited in the form of Aeryn remembering Pilot's control panel layout.

- The DRDs get to be pretty damn creepy and scary in this episode. This is another episode whose plot I had mostly forgotten, so it's a surprise to me that the DRDs could be so. In earlier episodes, I wouldn't have begged them as being a potential defense force. I suppose it does make a certain amount of sense, though. If they can repair things, surely they can destroy as well.

- As I mentioned in the section for "Premiere," I love the design of the Moya sets, so I really like episodes such as this one that take us into other areas of the ship that we don't normally see, even if we only receive brief glimpses.

- Seeing D'Argo acting as a loving husband and father is a very different change of pace for a character who is so commonly bellicose. Being able to see him in his "family man" attitude helps to explain why he maintains the warrior persona - it's probably easier for him to do that than to remember, accept, and deal with the loss of his family. This episode is a really good spotlight for D'Argo, exploring a different side of him that I hope is seen again in the future. The closing scene of the episode, Aeryn's conversation with D'Argo, also feels like an important character moment, the extension of existing respect for one another as warriors to encompassing a respect, and perhaps even a degree of affection, as individuals and comrades.

- The revelation that Moya is pregnant was one thing that I did recall about this episode from the previous time I saw it, though I haven't seen the offspring "in action," so to speak. I'm very much looking forward to reaching that point in the series.

Till the Blood Runs Clear
- As we talked about before, Moya's lack of offensive weaponry presents the writers with needing to have characters think, rather than shoot, their way out of situations in space. As Pilot's exchange with Zhaan about the star's radiation at the beginning of this episode indicates, that may doubly be true now that everyone knows Moya is pregnant. That's a very different situation than I've seen any other starship-based series have to contend with.

- I just love watching Crichton posture and bluff. Browder does a fantastic job at it. He may not have been away from Earth for all that great a period of time yet, but he does seem to be fitting in quite well and getting a handle on things. He almost seems like he could belong already.

- To sum up the episode, it was pretty fun. The alien bounty hunters were amusing, the mechanic was annoying but I imagine she was intended to be so (though a damn shrewd businesswoman too), and I thought it was great that Aeryn ended the shoot-off between D'Argo/Crichton and the hunters while blind and without additional shooting. Use of brains over brawn is always a plus, especially when it comes from someone who is trained to act as a soldier. I'm not entirely sure what to say about Zhaan's "photogasm."

I know you guys, label and RoJo, were probably looking forward to reading my thoughts on "Rhapsody in Blue" tonight based on your comments about the episode, but I think that's going to wait. I've enjoyed the episodes I've watched today, but I feel sort of Farscaped out for the day (five in one day is kind of a lot ).
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