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Re: Tardis Blue Prints (All Types)


Here is the Tool Kit I promised for the Type 40 to Type 49 Tardis..

basically it is up to you to make your own ship.. have fun with it..the Receptor antenna and Observation towers have been expanded on to allow a wider array of customization.. From my understanding of how the Time Lords built their machines, a Tardis didn't change too much engine wise until the next 10th of each model.. which denotes a 1,000 year mark.. seeing as how there are almost 100 tardis classes or Types and 1 billion years of Time lord supremacy it seems logical a new type would be every 1,000 years or so..

so here I have added progressively more advanced parts to make your tardis a type 40, or 45 like the masters, or a Type 49th..just before the 50th took on a new look..

the reason this is labeled tool kit "A" is because "B" will be a top view and "C" will be a bottom view..both fully customizable.

Merry Christmas and enjoy! this is my gift to you guys!! happy Holidays!

Uploaded with

you can also download it here on my deviant art page:

Upload your design here and show off!! I would love to see them!!!

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