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My Farscape reviews (SPOILERS)

Since I am unemployed right now I have lots of time to spare....So I decided to review my favorite ( and best ) sci-fi series of all time : FARSCAPE. I wonder if I can convert anyone to be "scapers"

I am inspired from PschoPere's thread. My reviews for first two episodes ( 1x01 "Premiere" , 1x02 "I , E.T." ) are in his thread :

Check them out if you want to. but I did not want to make there overcrowded and confusing.

Note : Since English is not my native language there might be mistakes in my writing and grammar....In fact for me one reason to write these reviews is to practise my English....


1x03 Exodus from Genesis : In his room Rygel is painting...well a portrait of himself. With this latest hobby of himself revealed should I mention that Rygel began to remind me Winston Churchill ? ( no offense , I am also writing an essay about Churchill ) Both of them were leaders of large empires. Both of them like earthly pleasures ( Churchill drinking , Rygel eating ) both of them like painting..Well until Zhaan comes in and makes a much better of portraying Rygel with her "spiritual painting" , some noble version on portrait. A reminder of Rygel's ancestor , Rygel I.

Meanwhile Crichton is having a lively arguement against Dargo. The problem ? Using small worms called dentics to clean his teeth. Dargo accusses him being childish and shoves the worm to his mouth. "It is kinda minty" says Crichton. Maybe he is not aware but with small steps like using alive dental cleaning worms or learning to use levers he is adapting to Uncharted Territories better than everyone else realized...He is getting there. But of course neither Dargo nor Aeryn appreciete this development. Hell..they don't even care....He is a nuisance for them , nothing more than a representative of an under developed species. Nothing to offer or contribute to their struggle to survive. When later Crichton complains Zhaan that "for them everything is a test" Zhaan , a mother figure for all now , replies to him "they are soldiers. Win their respect by actions" Crichton shall get this chance soon...

Moya comes to debris field. Aeryn declares that there is another craft at the other side of field. A Marauder , a Peacekeeper attack shuttle with five man commando crew , scanning the field. When it fails to detect Moya it moves away. But at the same time no one realizes that "debris" clusters around Moya and enters the ship. They are actually bugs , alive and unwanted visitors....

Crichton and Aeryn are in hangar bay working...Crichton still a newcomer to Uncharted Territories and trying to reach someone alike tries to have a converstaion. "You are not in this alone. We are stuck together. As long as we are we can be..." Aeryn mockingly interrupts "What ? Family ? Friends ? I want neither" Crichton claims one of them will be there when she needs them "No offence human but what can I possibly need from you ?" she arrogantly asks..Don't be so sure Aeryn. You are already softening up bit by bit , adapting to this new circumstanses just like this Earpling. You just have to. Crichton just makes his finishing touch "Manners , personality , stock tips"

While they are about to leave one of the bugs ( as large as DRD's they are now ) stings Aeryn and takes a sample of her blood. Same with Dargo. Meanwhile Aeryn complains that air is too hot. We later learn that Sabecceans lack heat glands to regulate their body temperature. They are sensitive to high temperatues , when their bodies are overheated heat delirium starts , they lose their memory , consciousness , fall into coma...a state called "living death" They are not Super Aryans they claim to be after all. Even Dargo claims later that he does not find this state of Sabecceans enjoyable. Although Crichton is sceptic about Dargo's claim that Aeryn is a ship comrade I sense that when Aeryn is concerned Dargo is pragmatic. He considers her a warrior , from a race he dislikes a lot but someone useful. Unlike Crichton. There is blockage in venting systems The Pilot says. The temperature inside Moya is rising....Not good for Aeryn.

When Crichton returns to his quartes he comes face to face with these DRD like bugs. His first instant response is to be a cat and jump to nearest high place. Who can blame him ? Then he captures one and kills it. Zhaan examining bugs body comes with a conclusion : "It is Crichton's DNA"

Meanwhile bugs are sealing and blocking controls , vents and doors with a mucus like blue gunk. Then Crichton encounters with Zhaan on passageway. She kicks his ass. When Crichton goes to controls he comes to Aeryn. She also tries to kick his ass but Crichton kills "Aeryn" or bug who mimics her by ripping her arm. Space bugs are creating actual copies or replicants of Moya's crew. When Dargo proposes to cut the tips of their small fingers for identification , Crichton as sensible human declares that he can not stand sight of blood and sprays backs of their hands with red paint for identification instead...

Then Rygel is sent ( not voluntarily ) to venting ducts to find bugs hiding place. When he finds a nest and a queen bug like out of James Cameron's "Aliens" he wisely decides to hide especially when bugs corner him. But Aeryn is getting worse due to rising heat. In Pilot's den her hands shaking she declares she can not even handle a weapon. Then there is a quite touching scene between Aeryn and Pilot. Just when Aeryn is passing out Pilot gently holds her.."It is strange to be so close to a Peacekeeper and not to fear" Well even Pilot is changing , adapting to this rag-tag bunch. A team is forming from this most unlike group. Aeryn might have seen Pilot as a servant before. She is at his mercy now. Pilot opens outer hangar bay doors to lower the temperature. Moya is vulnerable now..

But their troubles are just starting. When one of the bugs sting Zhaan and put somekind of nail to her throat Dargo runs to help her. Meanwhile Crichton comes across to another bug replicant , a replica of himself this time and dispatches that one also. "Crichton bugcatcher at your service"

Aeryn is unconscious losing her short term memory. While Crichton and Dargo is trying to deal with situation Zhaan shows up. The nails stuck to her throat is somekind of communication thing with bugs hive and their queen. Then Zhaan suddenly becomes possesed by "queen" , introduces her kind as Drak. Heat is necessary for their production cycle. The Zhaan/Queen inquires why they attack. Suddenly Crichton quickest of Moya bunch realizes that when he killed first Drak in his quarters he started a war. He offers a truce and takes everyone to one quarters while bugs reproduction cycle continues. "Crichton the diplomat at your service"

Of course at this right perfect moment Peacekkeper Marauder arrives , enters Moya's open hangar and Peacekeeper commandos with bad make up began killing replicants and bugs inside Moya in their customary diligance. The Drak queen cranks up heat. Aeryn begins begging Crichton to kill her before living death. "A friend , a familiy would do that for me" she claims. A change of mind so quickly Aeryn ? You decided that despite your superior racist training you need these lower lifeforms after all. Crichton usual human stereotype optimist/idealist/hero and good guy having none of it. He calls Rygel to contact the queen inside nest. Rygel is reluctant at best ( I think that is his behaviour ) but agrees. Maybe he really has a streak of Winston Churchill in him after all...

The Drak queen agrees to fight with them against Peacekeeper boarders. Zhaan takes Aeryn to shower to keep her cool ( ladies may I join in ? ) After taking Aeryns consent with a simple facial expression Crichton instructs the queen to cranck up the heat. Of course then Peacekeeper commandos begin having a hard time. They barely reach to command already spent from heat and finding replicants everywhere and freaked out. Crichton gives them a clear ultimatum : Either stay and enjoy the Turkish bath or get the hell out of Moya. The leader of commandos is not cooperative. He even tries and fails to kill Crichton with a blade in his spent condition but agrees to leave after a while. "Crichton the bluffer"

The Peacekeeper intruders are gone. The Draks complate reproductive cycle and leave in a spectecular view after saying goodbye to Rygel the Soverign of Moya. Heh. Heat inside Moya returns normal. Everyone is happy. Zhaan congratulates Crichton for being quite a man of action. Back to Status Quo. Or is it ? Hey Moya has an observation deck or something. Cool. When Crichton finds Aeryn there perfectly old badass herself he tries to have conversation again. He just can not help it I suppose. Among this alien zoo far away from his home lost in space he instictly reaches out only individual who resembles to a human most at least in outward appearence. Expecting another stark shake off Aeryn this time surprises Crichton. She acknowledges first time that lesser life forms might have some use. And those lesser life forms should be evaluated as individuals maybe. They can surprise her , take hard decisions like killing a ship mate and give funny pop culture referances. Because they can be resourceful and they care. Prejudice is not something productive on Moya. And she smiles first time to Crichton. Claudia Black has a beautiful smile.
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