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Re: Title of new "Mission: Impossible" movie announced

Looks like Ving Rhames might not be appearing in this movie after all. You know how actors usually get pay increases with sequels or the longer a TV show runs (which is how someone like Noah Wylie can make a lot of money on ER but not even sniff a fraction of that salary doing any other projects)? It's a number Rhames was quoted as saying, but if $7.7 million is what he's actually demanding, I don't see why they would give it to him.

"I live a very simple life. If I'm supposed to make 7.7 million US dollars and they're offering me three, I don't know if that's going to work. I did the last one for more than three million, there's no misunderstanding - it's 7.7 million or no!"
Not sure what other movies he's be getting $3 million for (definitely not for the straight-to-DVD Death Race 2). Even Cruise is taking a pay cut from Mission: Impossible III.

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