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Re: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts Of Empire review thread

TerraUnam wrote: View Post

I didn't say my expectations were unmet.
^ Sorry if I implied that you had unmet expectations. Well, actually, I guess I said that you did, but I was really only trying to be clever with the spoiler tags. I didn't mean anything negative by it.

I find your take on Spock's press for reunification of Vulcan and Romulus fascinating, in that I didn't know if anybody else felt the same way about it that I did. Writing such a perspective into Rough Beasts of Empire actually felt liberating and, at least for me, politically interesting.

Anyway, thanks for the kind words.

KingstonTrekker wrote: View Post

Thanks for replying to my posts David.
Always happy to chat with readers, whether or not they like my work.

KingstonTrekker wrote: View Post

I think you may have missed the meaning of one of my comments. I was not criticizing the length of the book or advocating that it should be longer. I expressed the opinion that it seemed like two separate books since, to me, the very separate stories (Spock/Sisko) never converged. That led to my comment that they could have been separate novels -- which would have allowed additional exploration with each story if that had been your wish.
I understood what you were saying, but I guess I didn't respond in a way that made that clear. I agree that there are two separate, though related, story lines in the novel, but I'm not sure that individualizing them into their own books would have allowed me to expand either tale. I mean, I essentially told the story, or stories, that I sought to tell; there's nothing more I really wanted to add (with the possible exception of expanding on Sisko's role in the last Federation-Tzenkethi war).
Regards, David

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