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Re: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts Of Empire review thread

I didn't say my expectations were unmet. I just said I didn't expect a resolution to that issue so soon. I liked how you did it, actually. It always seems on Romulus no good deed goes unpunished. Conspiracy and duplicity are the coin of the realm there. What you did with Donatra was good. I just thought that might have been a source of tension for a while longer. But things move on.

The book was excellent. I have always liked the Romulans, that's one reason I like the ENT novels. More Romulan time is good.

I await Paths of Disharmony eagerly.

As a personal view, whenever Spock talks his unity line in the books (not just yours) I always think "Yeah, so you're going to throw two centuries of Federation membership and Vulcan's relations with Earth out the window now?" Cue Trys Chen.
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