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Re: New FREE Star Trek TOS game now available!

Greetings Earthlings!

We are pleased to announce a major new release of our NCC1701 game... The base download now includes 2 additional decks below the main shuttlebay, and you can now move shuttles up and down the main elevator to and from the garage and maintenance areas.

New consoles are available on-board, with many new buttons to push. We also have a bunch of destroyable objects for you to blow up, and more areas of the ship to explore.

For our registered users, we have provided a small downloadable file that will actually unlock the entire lower hull - decks 15 through 24, as a separate mission. So you can finally fully explore this part of the ship, where there is much to see and do.

Visit to download the latest 2.0 base game version (250 MB download - and requires that you delete your existing installation first), and then visit our members' area - Downloads section - to obtain your patch that will unlock the entire lower hull (a tiny 400 KB download).

We are happy to get this out just in time for the new year, and hope you all enjoy it. A lot of hard work goes into this project, but your support and feedback keeps us going. In the new year, work continues - having now almost completely furnished the lower hull, we move on to the neck and saucer sections. Stay tuned, and visit our website frequently to keep abreast of our progress.

Live long and prosper!

Gambit Realm development team
Christmas 2010
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