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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

90. Tangled (A-)
91. The Fighter (B+)
92. The Red Shoes (A+)
93. True Grit (A-)
94. Chicago (A+)
95. It's A Wonderful Life (A+)
96. Michael Clayton (A)

I sometimes wonder if I give out too many As to the movies I see, but, no, I'm just selective and good at picking films that I'll like.

This is a superb little film from writer/director Tony Gilroy - it reminded me a lot of another George Clooney film from earlier this year, The American, which had a similar realistic, low-key style (though The American was a lot less positively received by the public). Clooney's a great presence in the movies not just because he's a great actor (and director), but because he's willing to loan out his marquee name to a lot of films with extremely limited commercial prospects.

Tilda Swinton won the Oscar for this movie, and it's a good performance (though from the Oscar, you might expect her to have more screentime than she actually does). I was actually more impressed by Tom Wilkinson, though - one of my favourite character actors. Also nice was the presence of Sydney Pollack, who a decade or two earlier might have been directing this movie. I like the movie's handling of fairly familiar story elements (indeed, from the plot alone this could be a John Grisham novel); there's no over-the-top villainy.
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