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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian - Among the Dragons

I am glad that you both like the "first kiss" scene. I wanted it to be a tender and gentle one, nothing forced. A "shy" scene.

As for politics...Both Kapoor and Karama don't see a "bigger picture". They both are a part of their realities and they think the way they were raised and taught. While both can look at some things in their own way, I wanted to show how they see things through their eyes and their limited understanding. They don't know everything and they aren't completely right. Or wrong. They formed their opinions based on facts they know and how they interpret them--and I'm the last person to say that Kapoor or Karama are totally right or wrong It's how they see things.

Kamara doesn't know that the torture Jarol and Daset had to suffer wasn't intentional. Kapoor doesn't seem to believe it happened at all (although she believes that he believes it). None of them knows the full truth and their opinions are based on what they know and what they think. Just like in real life
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