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Re: Tardis Blue Prints (All Types)

just got the Tardis hanedbook for christmas....

couple of things..

1st it says the 3rd doctor collapses the interior dimension and removes the control console, effectively turning the interior into a real police box..

----what bothers me about this is that the interior of the dimension houses the copy of the eye of harmony, charged by the actual eye of harmony and so what?? it just ceases to exist?? the engines cease to exist?? the entire rooms and structure of the Tardis just cease to exist anymore???

then on top of that, when the 3rd doctor decides to, he can recreate the interior once the column is placed back inside the box??

Rubbish! so what, is the Tardis nothing more then a control console?? the interior just some imagination of the computer complete with an imaginary copy of a nuclei of a black hole??

I may be reading the book wrong..

maybe what that statement means is that when the doctor removes the central column, his access to the dimension in which the ship rests is collapsed and unreachable unless he uses the console..that is to say his ship is still in the dimension, and the console is what was keeping the doorway open to it, once the console was rebuilt outside the Tardis, it collapsed the access to the dimension..

another connundrum.. if the Tardis can create matter itself by simple energy to matter manipulation or replication like the replicators in Star Trek TNG...then why would the doctor need a part from somewhere outside of his ship??

another thing, is the weight they site equal to five red double decker buses the entire space ship in the dimension, or the weight of the dimesnion and police box as measured outside.. and if so, then how can the ship be so readily moved in some episodes??

anyone care to comment? please..please?? I welcome the sanity.. please..

okay so Tardis is Time and realtive dimension in space?? when did we drop the (s) from Dimensions to Dimension.. don't get me wrong, I was always for the Tardis only having been created in 1 dimension.. so is the multiple now not the accepted norm?? any help would be appreciated.. or just some insightful conversation about these issues..
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