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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian - Among the Dragons

I know we've talked about this in private before...but I truly think that BOTH sides of this debate are wrong.

The Federation made a severe error, from what I see, in not giving the Cardassians a choice as to what kind of government they wanted to have. I have never seen any evidence, in your stories, of the Federation empowering the Cardassians to hold a constitutional convention--only telling them exactly how they were going to run things. Nowhere have I seen any evidence that they and the Cardassians sat down together and talked about the different possibilities together, ranging from Hebitia to Cardassia to many other worlds and cultures, to think about what they wanted for themselves. If they had, then this critical difference would have come out and I think that something could well have been designed right from the very start that would feel right to the Cardassians. The arrogance of the Federation there set up a very bad situation; they assumed their model ALWAYS works in exactly the same way all the time.

I do think that the Cardassians are wrong, too. I think that while some may be biological instinct, that there is also indoctrination and conditioning that they are not fully acknowledging, and there is a refusal to think outside of the box, not to mention damaged egos. They need to consider the fact that trying something new is not necessarily a bad thing. They also need to remember that abuse of power is a very, very serious threat and educate themselves against the bad that can come from following and not accepting the individual's ability to know when something is unconscionable. Assuming that just because something is from the outside, be it an idea, or a person who is not in power, it's bad, is also a critical fault.

The only trouble is that both sides would have needed to approach things differently in order for it not to all go to hell later. Both came at this very stubborn and very set in their ways...and it's no wonder things later fell apart.

Now...on to the personal stuff.

I loved Kapoor's reaction to getting her orders reversed! I'd be curious to know what she did that convinced her superiors to back off! Will we ever get to see it in detail?

And the moment where they shared their first touch and first beautiful.

I also liked the fact that they are going to take their relationship a bit slower, not rush into it. It's so rare these days to read stories or see movies where the characters are not ALL OVER AND INTO EACH OTHER on the first date, where it's actually about a longer-term relationship. And that's wonderful.
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