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Re: The Christmas Countdown Thread!

^ I SO love that!

I had a fun day watching DVDs and playing games with the kids, and listening to my daughter play her new tenor recorder. It sounds beautiful (she's a grade 4 oboe player so she's pretty good) and well worth the 50 (down from 62!). My older son liked his Lego and but my younger son was out of sorts, which is normal for his thanks to his autism. Christmas day always seems to be disappointing for him simply because the build-up is almost too much for him to handle.

From the in-laws there was the usual haul of cheap chocolates and biscuits, which was no surprise. My favourite gift was from my older son, who got me a small Harry Potter Lego set with Dobby the House Elf in it. So, yay, I finally have a House Elf! Shame he can't clean the house for me, though.
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