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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

USS Vastitude - A War Is Upon Us

The USS Vastitude, till recently the Federation's contact point in Orion Space, has been dispatched to handle a rising threat in the Cardassian territory, several years after the signing of the Bajor Treaty with the Dominion, winds start to shift in Cardassian space as several small factions within the Union are not willing to accept the treaty conditions anymore.

The crew of the USS Vastitude, led by Captain Peter Haden, has learned it's way through Orion Space, the piracy, illegal trades, handling of small cells of criminals, is now trusted to be the leading force to deal with the new threats that lay in the Cardassian border. The Sovereign class starship has known it's battles and has proved it's top fighting ability, it's experienced crew now maneuvers it through their new adventure.

The USS Vastitude is a Play-By-Email simulation, a part of Epsilon Fleet (FSF). The simulation has existed since 1999 and has run constantly since, it is currently being hosted by FSF Tommy and FSF Mariko. We are always looking for new and experienced writers, to join and contribute to our great storyline.

For more information on the simulation, visit our website at
You can also email the hosts through the site's contact page.

Current open positions include: Chief Tactical, Marines and Assistants. (Cadets are welcome!)
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