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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

Today I saw the Johnny Depp & Angelina Jolie film: The Tourist.
My grade: B

I went into it having heard less than stellar comments about it's quality, pacing and acting. I'm not in agreement 100% with what I heard which is again why I don't listen to critics. I agree with a few points but perceived the outcome different.

Angelina's character, Elisa, is playing a passive-agressive character. I think so many are use to her as the main point of action from her turns in Mr/Mrs.Smith, Tomb Raider or Salt that her as the 'damsel' seems "boring".

Johnny Depp is playing, Frank, a man used to the more mundane but romaticizes about action and adventure. This strange woman Elisa has put him in the thick of something and he goes along. Therefore there is a sense of awkardness about his character. He is obviously taken by Elisa but he is trying to be a polite gentleman all at the same time. I think this is what the critics called 'zero chemistry' however I'd have to spoil the movie for you in order to tell you why it seems they played their parts the way they did.

The cinematography made great use of the countryside and Venice. About the only thing I see the critics got right were statements that commented on the camera lingering on Jolie. It did linger at times but as I saw it those were for slight facial expressions of curiosity, admiration or danger.

The pacing is indeed slow I won't argue that but it is moving with purpose which is different than moving slow and going seemingly nowhere. To put it differently I didn't feel the movie drug on for periods without moving the story along.

Now despite my apprecition of the film its one I'm glad I saw but I wouldn't own it I don't think. It is worth checking out though if nothing else on Netflix.
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