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Re: SUPERMAN(2012) Inspired By Secret Origin?

So, it's another origin story? Great. There are children in utero that already know the origin. Why can't a Superman movie just open with the mythos established? Supes, Lex, Lois, Jimmy, The Kents, are already in place. No tearful farewell on an exploding Krypton, not 20 minute soulsearch into true heritages, no ridiculous meet cutes between reporters. Just open credits, zoom in on Metropolis, and then cue the slam bang slugfest on the streets between Superman and The Parasite, or Metallo, or Silver Banshee, or any second or third tier villain. Battle over, move on to the main plot. Remember the first Star Wars movie when the audience were immediately thrown into the action after the credits? That's how a Superman movie should be done.
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