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Re: Indiana Jones: The Quest for Death...aka Harrison says kill Indy!!

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Much more cartoonish action than anything in Raiders
- Terrorized children, where Raiders had none
- A vapid, annoying and generally useless female protagonist, where Raiders had an excellent one
- Pointless and cartoonish scenes like the jungle-noises sequence, where Raiders had none
- A random kid Indy entrusts his life to, where Raiders had none
- An Asian kid who, without any explanation or warning, suddenly knows kung-fu, and is super-strong enough to knock a large, grown man down with a midair kick, where Raiders had none
- Evil Indy hurting and scaring the crap out of that same kid
- A lack of interesting villains, where Raiders had two
- A wildly flailing tone, where Raiders had a consistent one
Lol. All those things you find "annoying", I find charming and fun. I realize it has a very different tone and style from Raiders (which seems to me to be the biggest issue fans have with it), but personally I love the change of pace from the first movie.

And for me, all that gritty action and violence (as well as the touching situation of the village and their stolen kids) keeps the movie grounded MORE than enough, so that it never becomes the all-out "cartoon" critics accuse it of being.

And the fact this is the same dark and edgy Indy from Raiders (before he got softened beyond recognition for the next two movies) helps a lot too.
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