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Re: Exploring the Uncharted Territories: A Farscape Viewing Experience


I , ET : In this second episode of first season and first stand alone of series rag-tag crew/passangers of MOYA are still trying to get their bearing on their new found status of escaped fugitives chased in whole galaxy. Aeryn seems still coping this hard. She is trying to convince herself this is real , her old life is gone and she is helping escaped prisoners in one scene when Crichton taunts her to get "her big Peacekeeper muscles working" , "Peacekeeper ?" replies Aeryn with sarcasm while staring at nothing. "Yeah right"

When a Paddeck beacon which was installed on Moya by Peacekeepers , is activated and began transmitting their location to their pursuers Moya passangers desperately try to shut it down. It is no use. The beacon was installed on Moya's central nerve. It does not come off. It opens fire on DRDs. To take it out by force would cause immense possibly deathly pain on Moya. The saving idea comes from Crichton himself again. Find a planet with a large body of water and insulate Moya's entire hull with water. They find the planet but instead of landing on water they crash a large swamp. Rygel although aquatic like all Hynerians declares his distaste. "You know about mud ? I know about the mud !" OK We are convinced that you know the mud Rygel....

While Rygel and Zhaan remain on Moya to take out the beacon others get out of Moya to find chlorium , an anestheatic element to numb Moya's central nerve. As soon as they get out they are confronted and pursued by locals. It seems that people ( or aliens ) living on this planet are so similar to humanity in technology , culture and social life they even copied our paranoia and xenaphobia about extra terrestrial contact. While Dargo and Aeryn distract their pursuers Crichton searches chlorium and to his surprise find himself face-to-face initially suspicius but regular and friendly mother and son seaching extra terrestrial life in their farm/observatory.

From here three seperate stories go on. Crichton trying to win the trust of mother Lyneea and her son Fostro. Here Crichton finds himself as an alien life form hence the title. He is E.T. Frankly I found Crichton's story a little bit banal. Lyneea and Fostro were likable. But that planet's technology , society/culture was too Earthlike and that aside both Lyneea and Fostro are too similar to the characters of Mary and Elliott in actual ET movie. They are just too nice and trusting to be real other than fictional sci-fi characters. Still from Crichton's POV this reversal of roles is interesting. "You found out that everything about your technology , culture , religion might be false or under suspect at least" He understands them better than anyone else on Moya. They provide chlorium , also help Crichton to hide from their military and to save Dargo who was captured briefly. A neat but quite predictable story wrapped up itself.

Meanwhile Dargo and Aeryn who were at opposite sides a short time ago , begin to form the roots of what-might-be a real friendship. While working together they snap , tease , make fun of each other. Neither Aeryn nor nor Dargo like each other's company. Aeryn is a space nazi....She considers Dargo's race , Luxans as barbarians. Dargo is not complimentary either. But they find a common ground while working together.

The third story is Rygel and Zhaan's struggle to take out beacon from Moya's central nerve. Rygel is only person small enough to reach the beacon but he is unenthustiastic at least. He hates dirty work. Moreover he does not know how to do dirty work. He confesses he does not even know how to handle a tool. He always made others to work for him. Zhaan who at this point becomes spiritual leader in Moya convinces him to cut beacon. And Rygel despite all his reluctance accomplishes taking the beacon. His joy is something we can relate with : "I did it" Zhaan who does her own work and share Moya's pain with her spiritual abilities during whole process was a necessary precedant and example for Rygel....

When Moya leaves planet at the end we see Crichton's longing looks. When Aeryn taunts him "Don't tell me you will miss that rock" Crichton's reply ws simple " Not that rock" He saw something he could identify with in there. That might only make him more determined to return home.

Summary : A decent stand alone. Some little more introduction to Farscape universe and its characters. But that's it. No big developments....
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