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Re: Indiana Jones: The Quest for Death...aka Harrison says kill Indy!!

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Maybe it's because TOD was the first Indy movie I saw and, until KOTCS, the only one I saw in the cinema, but I've never gotten the hatred for it.
- Much more cartoonish action than anything in Raiders
- Terrorized children, where Raiders had none
- A vapid, annoying and generally useless female protagonist, where Raiders had an excellent one
- Pointless and cartoonish scenes like the jungle-noises sequence, where Raiders had none
- A random kid Indy entrusts his life to, where Raiders had none
- An Asian kid who, without any explanation or warning, suddenly knows kung-fu, and is super-strong enough to knock a large, grown man down with a midair kick, where Raiders had none
- Evil Indy hurting and scaring the crap out of that same kid
- A lack of interesting villains, where Raiders had two
- A wildly flailing tone, where Raiders had a consistent one

If you like the movie, that's dandy, but with all due respect, if you can't "get" why others don't, you're either insulting those same people by acting as if they're bereft of legitimate complaints, or severely intellectually challenged. I trust that it's the former, but still, would it rip your heart out to have the courtesy to not implicitly belittle other people's responses to a not-at-all universally-loved movie?
Where the hell is the insult or belittling coming from? What on earth is insulting about what I said? I said I don't get the hatred from it and you respond like I insulted your mother! Talk about an over-reaction. I didn't insult anyone and I've never suggested that anyone is in any way unreasonable for disliking it. But apparently I'm either belitting people or I'm severely intellectually challenged for liking it. Nice.

Get a fucking grip. It's a fucking movie and we're talking about differing tastes. I've never seen a more ridiculous response on the BBS than yours and there has been some serious competition over the years. The most generous thing I can say, allowing for the fact that it's Christmas, is that you have a seriously different meaning for the word 'gotten' than I have.

Edit - Oh, and I see that Jarod Russell is 'spiteful and condescending' for also having the temerity to disagree with you. Big on live and let live, aren't you?
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