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Re: Typhon Pact: Seize The Fire review thread

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Given the downright negative reviews of Seize the Fire, it's making me afraid to even buy the book. I have to ask - without giving anything away, is there anything important that happens in this book to the Titan crew? Could a Titan fan skip this novel completely without missing anything important? Part of me thinks I'd be better off just passing on this novel so that I don't waste my hard-earned money.
Like you, I was also hesitant to pick up this book based on the many negative comments in this post. However, since I read virtually every Trek novel, I did buy it and it was OK. Not stellar. Not exceptional. Just average.

I felt the same way after finishing Zero Sum Game --- and I love David Mack's work. I just felt that ZSG missed many opportunities (e.g. using more DS9 characters, more Dax/Bashir interactions, etc.) and stretched believability beyond the breaking point due to some inane plot twists (and yes, I do realize it is a Star Trek book

Re: Seize The Fire -- I will say that I am not a huge fan of the Titan series --- I have read every book and have found many of them to be average. Just my taste I guess.

Some characters are affected by the events in this book -- Tuvok for sure. However, Martin's clumsy writing and deficits in the area of characterization (which have already been discussed elsewhere in this thread) leave more of a bad taste in the reader's mouth rather than a genuine curiousity as to what lies ahead for Tuvok.

Like I said, I thought it was Average. Would have been nice to have had a stronger book considering the long fallow summer we endured in Trek Lit.

So far, the Typhon Pact series is a middling Average for me. Here's hoping the third and fourth books raise the bar.
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