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Re: TV-Tastic's Commentary on the 'Fringe' move to Friday Night

That article has issues...

FOX is an awful network and quite possibly the worst network ever
I am not FOX's biggest fan but NBC and The CW are much more poorly run networks.

Sarah Conner had 11.4 million viewers during its first season before
The ratings sank losing more than 60% of the pilot's audience by the end of season 1. T:SCC before the friday move was getting just over 5 million in a much easier slot than Fringe had to endure since season 2.

Sarah Conner was well-received by critics, had an established franchise brand-name
Critics were mixed on the show and the ratings wre poor for such a established franchise brand-name. It also claims Dollhouse was favoured by FOX over it, which was total B/S since T:SCC got the lead in slot and cost a lot more to make than Dollhouse.

FOX are idots though because Fringe 1st season ratings warranted it should of kept the Monday fall slot and only should of moved for 24's final season but then should of re-taken the slot this season. FRINGE had the potential to be MASSIVE on Monday Nights.
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