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Re: TV-Tastic's Commentary on the 'Fringe' move to Friday Night

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As a mid-season replacement, airing only nine episodes in 2008 it was the highest rated new show of the 2007 -2008 averaging 11.4 million viewers per week. So tell me how, if FOX is such a well-run network, they screwed that one up a mere four months later?
Maybe people just gave up on the show because they didn't like where it was going? Lots of genre shows start out with huge ratings and drop off dramatically. Given the ratings for V and FlashForward, why aren't you saying that ABC is just as poorly run?
Count me, for example, in this category. I limped through finishing season one, and found it uninteresting enough I couldn't be bothered with season two. Had absolutely nothing to do with Fox as a network.

And I don't have the article handy, but I read somewhere that Fox's graveyard of cancelled series isn't that much more or less than any other network.
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