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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - A Marathon Re-visit.

FAVORITE SON - 3x20 - 1/5

The only thing that we learn in this episode is that Harry Kim has mother issues with Janeway, which would be interesting if it didn't feel like an accidental character trait through sloppy writing. Instead, it is just hilarious.

This episode also attempts to make Harry Kim more interesting by making him an alien from the Delta Quadrant. But wait no, of course it's a ruse! That would involve an interesting change to his character so instead he remains the plain, boring, white bread Harry Kim.

Also once everything is revealed at the 30 minute mark the rest is just pointless filler I don't care about. This episode's science is also remarkably stupid. So a species has evolved where only 10% of the population is male....and these males are then KILLED at marital age? What the hell.

Boring, dumb and crappy but we do get HARRY HORROR #8, where he is captured by many attractive women for the express purpose of harvesting his genetic material. This kid is a veritable psychological playground for a therapist.
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