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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - A Marathon Re-visit.

UNITY - 3x17 - 4/5

After the juicy little teaser at the end of Blood Fever, we finally get to sink our teeth into the Borg. I love this episode - it's the shot in the arm Voyager needed and the Borg are the villain I've always felt Voyager needed. The Kazon NEVER worked as a believable threat and the only time they really end up succeeding is because a single Cardassian who is smarter than all of them combined, helps them out.

I also like what this episode adds to the Borg, an exploration of what happens to drones who are able to escape from the Collective. The episode illustrates how they are mostly reformed, but the temptation of power and control that comes with Borg technology and interconnectivity is too great to ignore and these individuals will happily to resort to these methods to get what they want.

There's also a great atmosphere established in the space scenes where Voyager encounters the derelict Borg cube and there's just the massive feeling of "OH HOLY SHIT". This is personally one of my favourite little scenes in Voyager of all time because it really reinforces just how much of a threat the Borg still were at this point in the franchise.

This episode also reinforces just how much better a diplomat Chakotay is compared to Janeway.
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