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Re: 'The Event': What's Wrong and How to Fix It

I agreed a lot with the linked article about the problems. And I agree a lot with the solutions. However, I think the show is too far gone.

It's a shame. NBC did a good job hyping this show up and it had a lot of people tuning in, but all the flashbacks, the boring characters, the muddled story/stories, it quickly became a trainwreck.

Nothing on Jason Ritter, but his storyline should've been eliminated. I think he's supposed to be the everyman, and his searching for and protecting his girlfriend is supposed to be the emotional core of the film, but it doesn't work for me. It just adds one more layer onto a cake with far too many layers. I wish they had kept the focus on the 'big boys' and centered the show around the sleeper agent. I found his episode far more interesting, and his scenes with the older woman he once loved far more emotional than any of the Jason Ritter scenes. The agent's struggle, his divided soul, works for me. Also, I wish they had made the detainees evolved humans. The alien thing, particularly for aliens that look and act far too human, has been done to death.

Shift the focus to the government players, minimize flashbacks, and tell a coherent story, and maybe this show can salvage itself. Though I doubt it. I think the damage has been done.
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