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Re: TV-Tastic's Commentary on the 'Fringe' move to Friday Night

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...which is the only question that needs to be asked. Also, that was Q1 and I imagine that Q2 is as equally impressive. What about Q3 and Q4?
Q4 numbers aren't out yet, obviously, but here's Q3: "Fox commanded the highest unit cost ($211,732 per spot), followed by ABC ($125,940), CBS ($110,794) and NBC ($81,784)."

Your point about American Idol is moot because it's only on five months out of the year. Even when AI is not on, FOX does well against the other networks.

So your standard is the same as FOX's: 13 episodes is by definition, "giving a series a chance."
Er... yes. They ordered a pilot, picked up the series, gave it a full season order, and then renewed it for a second season. If that's not "giving a series a chance" then what is?

As a mid-season replacement, airing only nine episodes in 2008 it was the highest rated new show of the 2007 -2008 averaging 11.4 million viewers per week. So tell me how, if FOX is such a well-run network, they screwed that one up a mere four months later?
Maybe people just gave up on the show because they didn't like where it was going? Lots of genre shows start out with huge ratings and drop off dramatically. Given the ratings for V and FlashForward, why aren't you saying that ABC is just as poorly run?

the success of American Idol should mean the success for other scripted shows but with FOX, it never works out that way.
I really wonder where you get your information, because Glee and House directly owe their success to having AI as a lead-in.
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