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Re: SUPERMAN(2012) Inspired By Secret Origin?

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And after reading the wiki description for Secret Origins, why do I feel like alot of elements were taken from various Smallville episodes ?
Because comics have always followed the lead of popular mass-media adaptations of their characters. TV and movies have vastly larger audiences than comic books, after all. Jimmy Olsen, Perry White, the Daily Planet, and Kryptonite were introduced in the Superman radio show and incorporated into the comics. The Fleischer cartoon shorts changed Superman's ability to leap 1/8 mile at a time into full-on flight because it worked better visually, and the comics followed suit. The John Byrne reboot version of Superman was heavily influenced by Christopher Reeve. Batgirl was invented for Batman comics because the makers of the '60s TV series wanted a Batgirl. And so on. Smallville has been the most widely known incarnation of Superman for the past decade, and the most long-running screen interpretation of Superman in history, so it's natural that today's comics would be influenced by it.

So going back to my original question will this movie essentially be bases off of Smallville, sans the teeny bopper-ness?
No reason to assume that. As both Frontier and I have said, there's a huge difference between using something as a source of inspiration and copying it wholesale. A single story can have many inspirations, can take elements from many different influences and blend them together into something new. Morrison's All-Star Superman was heavily influenced by Silver/Bronze Age Superman comics, but is radically different from them as well.

Not to mention that any movie script goes through a long development and rewriting process with many hands involved in shaping it in response to a variety of needs and agendas. Even if a script starts out with a single direct inspiration, the final product can be radically different from it. For instance, the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie that's in production now is based on and named for the novel On Stranger Tides, but it's telling a largely different story with different characters. Inspiration can be a very loose thing.
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