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Re: Exploring the Uncharted Territories: A Farscape Viewing Experience

Hell Yeah ! Another Farscape convert ! And better yet there are reviews of each episode

I am probably the biggest Farscape fan on this part of world. I watched each episode at least several times. And it remains my top sci-fi production ever since I have seen it four years ago in DVD. It still amazes me that a sci-fi/fantasy universe so rich so detailed like Farscape is still also so underrated....I think its reason is Farscape being not a studio franchise....Henson Productions are much more creative than anyone on the market in visuals , production sets and quality not to mention character story arcs BUT there are not big budget Hollywod giant like 20th Century , Universal or Paramount.....That reflects on their marketing costs I suppose...

As for Farscape I am forcing everyone around me to watch it. Watching and observing reactions of first time Farscape viewers is great I tell you. LOL


With Premiere episode Farscape starts with a sudden "Alice in Wonderland" or "Dorothy not being in Kansas anymore " situation. John Crichton a contemporary US astronout in his specially designed module Farscape-1 conducting a slingshot acceleration experiment orbiting Earth....During whole episode meanwhile we learn bits and pieces about Crichton ( our main protoganist and OUR POV to whole universe of Uncharted Territories ) and his character. He is son of another astronout Jack Crichton....He has a nice warm admiring relationship with his father but he is also trying to live up his dad's reputation. He has relaxed , easy going attitude , in fact almost a little bit naive attitude in him. He is fun to have a beer with but also quite clever , intelligent , creative also somewhat idealist. Almost a stereotype maybe...But that is about to change

The moment Farscape-1 falls into a wormhole Crichton's struggle for survival begins. So is his change and outlook to universe. As soon as he gets out of wormhole his module accidently crashes a strange fighter craft killing its pilot. Then Farscape-1 is pulled into a large aesthetic looking ship. There Crichton meets his companions for future adventures....A Klingon looking , muscled , tentecled , angry , violent alien guy called Ka Dargo ( a Luxen ) , a blue skinned hot looking mystic priestess called Pau Zotoh Zhaan ( a Delvian ) , a green half meter long Yoda/Kermit looking , slug like deposed Soverign called Dominar Rygel XVIth....( A Hynerian ) While Crichton who is still in aftershock of everything happened and amazed that he is against living talking sentient aliens confronted with them they do not pay much attention to him at first....For them he seems like another standart or probably inferior alien in the middle of a very chaotic situation...You get the message. Protoganist might be human but this series will not be human centric..Dargo is warrior , pragmatic , maybe pessimist but full of survival instinct. Zhaan is clergy , representing patience tolerance and understanding. Rygel well might look like Yoda at first but he is everything Yoda is NOT....Greedy , selfish and weak willed at glance first. None of them are ideal travelling companions in fact. All of them are escaped prisoners. Their previous non pleasent experiences shaped them. They captured their transfer ship , a huge living , sentient half mechanic half organic craft called MOYA...It is controlled by a "Pilot" another weird looking alien who has organic ties to ship....( although these ideals are not novel Henson Productions were very successful in transforming them into concepts for this series ) All of them are on the run from Peacekeepers....

Which brings us to Peacekeepers and their representative at first Captain Bialar Crais....Peacekeepers are Sabecceans , a human looking ( resemblance is more than appearent ) race , keeping order in this part of galaxy....I suppose Peacekeeperdom can be compared with Galactic Empire in Star Wars at first or called space nazis....Crais is captain of a Peacekeeper command carrier. MOYA and its prisoners escaped from his custody but worse when Crichton's module crashed and accidently destroyed the fighter craft he also killed Crais's brother. The good captain vows revenge. Here we do not get exact reasons of what motivates Crais on avanging his brother. The whole crash was an accident , it was clear. But over reacting on part of Crais makes him look like a little two dimensional at first.

On MOYA Crichton is imprisoned by his hosts and in cell he meets another Peacekeeper blunt , pretty looking but tough fighting female Sabeccean Aeryn Sun. She was captured by these fugitives and put in same brig with Cricton. The moment Crichton and Aeryn meet up first time ( aside that she gives him a good beating at first ) you realize there is some kind of attraction or phantom of attraction between them. It is Crichton who tries to be friendly at first. Then at commerce planet when they were captured by Crais this time Aeryn tries to defend him against Crais and se was declared "contaminated" by Crais and casted out. While she was trying to absorb this fact Crichton who comes out of this period at first takes matters in his own hands. First he grabs a gun and saves them all twice ( first on planet then on the orbit when he uses his slingshot maneuver to escape from command carrier ) Crais is still determined no less to hunt them down but for Crichton he is one of his many problems. Then he convinces Aeryn Sun , casted out Peacekeeper to tag along with them on MOYA...This convincing stage is another little well written and acted scene on this episode. Aeryn although defends him at first against Crais verbally does not just ignore Crichton. She considers him inferior more inferior than other exotic aliens maybe..She is what she is from her birth , a soldier , a supposedly mindless machine that takes instructions and obeys them. When she says this to Crichton he replies with one sentence : "You can be more"

At that moment if you look at Aeryn's face you realize a surprised almost puzzled impression..Clearly this is not just surprising but also shocking consideration for her. She is going into Uncharted Territories with others but for her leaving only life she has known is real sailing into Uncharted Territories. And only this weird Sebeccean looking ( although kind of handsome for her maybe ) alien came out-of-sky makes up her mind for that....

Producer Rockne O'Bannon had a lot to fill in this Premiere episode. Not only he had to introduce main characters he also had a whole new fictional universe , its rules to create...Not an easy task for one episode. Maybe being 50 min long helped but of course not everthing covered not at all. This episode is introduction a basic starting point for our characters and their evolution and development. Because although it is filled with exotic alien enviroments , strange alien creatures , technologies ( nobody speaks English from their birth ! They have babelfish translator microbes injected at their birth instead. Thank god that someone remembered this fact that outer space is an alien enviroment , it can be more alien than USA , Canada or Australia , sorry scratch last ) , fantastic incidents , Farscape is foremost a series about its main characters , how they evolve and how they learn "to be more"

So "Australian Star Wars" begins.....
"Assimilate This !" - Worf , Star Trek : First Contact

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