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Re: Tardis Blue Prints (All Types)

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That is so cool.

And I completely empathize with your job wife lost her job in's been rough...hope things work out for you.
thanks man.. I empathize with you and I hope your wife finds a new career or job she likes..I myself, am training for a new career at present.. which should be fun.. but only catch is I have to pay all the fees and school with no it's frustrating..but I am on unemployment for the first time in my life, and I am using it to make my situation better, and not sitting on my arse like some.. so I feel good about it..though I am sick.. which sucks..

but no matter.. I can tough it out.. I am against that free healthcare.. even if I was sick and dying.. this nation is more important then one person, no nanny state please.. politics aside..

here is the first of many updates I promised to do today, even if my head is pounding and my chest is on fire.. it's all good bro I will live!

Uploaded with

Here I corrected the lines on the Blue Print image at the top and reloaded it.. so if you guys want this minor fix you can download it here:

Uploaded with

Also, I have done some research on art work from Andrew Skilleter, he did some pretty cool designs and art for the 1991 book The Gallifreyan Chronicles..of which I am interested in looking at, however, his ideas and designs for the Bowships is not what I would have done.. still I may be able to work that into my compendium of Time Lord Technology...either way, it should be soon..If anyone has links or images they can send me for the art by Andrew Skilleter please let me know.. it would help as I do not have the Gallifreyan Chronicles could email them to me..


one thing to note about the Tardis design is repetition.. it seems to me that repetition is a vital element of the Tardis, and symmetry.. also the Tardis should have a very basic look to the exterior, which denotes that it is pretty standard in scale, and reminds one of how the basic Classic Tardis felt on the inside..

I choose to think that the interior can be changed via the architectural design program (like new apps for the iphone) the doctor can choose which he wants..or lets the Tardis do one at random.. the default is probably the design we saw in the first series and classic series with the white walls and massive roundels..

anyhow, I have done tons of research to get this design right..

oh and one more thing.. there are observation towers at the tops of some of the room sections.. all room sections are linked to each other via an internal dimensional no matter what section you are in, you can cross over to another with ease..the massive round sections are comprised of thousands of rooms and structures, some habitats and some just storage.. it's pretty huge..

the idea that the tardis has tons of little rooms seems inefficient to me, I mean come on.. and the engines of the machine should be on the inside of the ship per Matt Jeffries brilliant deduction that why would anyone want to have to go outside to fix them??? so that is also a design element of the Tardis..

I mean lets face it the time lords probably felt the same way.. if you need to fix the ship, why go outside where the dimensional forces could rip you apart??

To me the Tardis creates these massive Sections and inside there are thousands of rooms and places set up, when the ship jettisons it, the hallway and room fade off the central structure and are teleported into the vortex drive, where they turn to a burst of energy and are used to move the ship out of gravitational dangers, such as the big bang..(as seen in castrovalva). the interior of these sections are constructed using a similar energy to matter technology as in the Star Trek replicators.. only done on a massive scale.. most of the ship was constructed this way.. from the central column console..

hence the "block math" description.. which is basically just a fancy word for saying "exact copy or duplicate"..

up next, the Tardis tool sheet, so you guys can build your own..

Also you can get these downloaded from my deviant art page:

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