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Re: Fan Filmmaker's Primer

Back to the writing:

Having read a number of fan film scripts (and pro scripts do it to, often) my beef would be with overwriting. Often you get something like:


The Enterprise cruises slowly THROUGH THE FRAME, from right to left, at an angle bisecting the geometric balance of the galaxial plane. We MOVE IN SLOWLY until CAMERA is square on the mighty vessel which PASSES DIRECTLY UNDER CAMERA. CAMERA SWIVELS and ROTATES and REGAINS image of ship as it now MOVES AWAY from our perspective, and grows smaller moment by moment.

Or something much like that. For Chrissake, just say:


The Enterprise cruises by.

or even simpler:


Enterprise flyby.

The same goes for all scenes. There is often excessive description of every bridge establishing shot. What every single character at every station is doing is described (and what they're thinking, too, believe it or not). Instead of all that, just list the characters present and say something like "all intent at their stations."

"Don't direct on paper," is a maxim I have often heard. Which doesn't mean that you can't write with flavor and verve!

Sir Rhosis
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