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Re: 'The Event': What's Wrong and How to Fix It

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S5 of Dexter was a letdown because S4 was so good.
S1 and S2 were even better than S4. S5 was a letdown because the series had established an unusually high standard for its average, but when a series does that, it has an obligation to maintain it.
Sometimes that's just impossible. Most shows that maintain any kind of significant history have that one great season that just plays out perfectly and when you hit the top there's nowhere else to go but down. 24, Prison Break, Heroes, and even Lost to an extent are shows that in recent memory had this happen to them. I think people are expecting far too much from the producers. This is art, not auto parts. Not every Shakespeare play was Hamlet.

I've said the same thing about NuBSG. Sequels and pre-quels are pointless no matter how original the concept. No susbsequent BSG is ever going to be up to the standadrd of NuBSG no matter how original or successful it is. That being said it doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy Caprica or that I won't enjoy Blood & Chrome, I'm just not going into it expecting it to maintain the same level of NuBSG.
There aren't any shows around as good as Dexter and so it's that much more galling when it starts to slip.
Been watching Dexter since the first episode aired and I couldn't disagree more. Dexter, S1 wasn't even the best show on Showtime at the time and the series still only cracks my top 5 (still, despite the bit of a letdown of S5) today. But then again, to each his/her own. That's what makes the debate so fun.

You're coming at this from a completely different perspective than I am. I like the show and the story,
What is it about the story that you like? I can't stand any of the characters and from what I can tell, the story is something about aliens who crash landed decades ago and are trying to do...something. Granted, it got so boring I started making heavy use of the fast-forward button, so I probably skipped over a lot of details, but I'm drawing a blank what it is about the show that's worth saving.
It doesn't sound to me like you are watching it at all anymore because you could have gotten that out of the first one or two episodes, but then again, like I said, I cetainly understand why people jumped ship early on.

The storyline is very compelling as are the mysteries and twists. That's what's keeping me coming back. As far as the characters are concerned, this isn't a character driven show, it's an event-driven show but it doesn't seem to understand that which was the point I was making in the post in item #3 re: flashbacks. Genuine character relatibility really should be a non-issue with this show just as it was with 24. All you needed to know in 24 is who the good guys were and who the bad guys were and from there you would sit back and try to figure out which one was the mole at CTU. With the Event, it's not much different, at least, it shouldn't be.

As far as why it's worth saving, at this point, as much as I like it, I don't think it's worth saving at all. The show has to appeal to a general audience and it's simply not doing that. It's only worth saving if they make dramatic changes to what they are doing with it now.

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It's headed for cancellation way it gets a second season. So why bother?
Not necessarily. It's definitely a bubble-show but there are a lot more new shows on NBC that are far worse off and destined for cancellation.

NBC wants this show to succeed and they are gong to try to help it along as much as they feasibly can for a couple of reasons. First, NBC has wanted their own 24 for some time now (they had even considered picking it up last year from FOX before they saw the books and the pricetag that FOX was asking). They had hoped that Heroes would be the answer but it never panned out that way and they gave that show a lot more time clean up its act then they probably should have. They aren't FOX. NBC has a history of giving shows a chance even when they probably shouldn't.

Second, Universal has a crapload of money tied up in Evan Katz to run this show and The Event was the only reason they signed him to a two-year, multi-million dollar contract to begin with.

As I noted, the two-hour recap episode airing on February 28 is an attempt to spark new audience interest and perhaps bring back people who may have left. The other thing to consider is the fact they ordered new episodes last month and they didn't have to do that. The Event is a very expensive show to produce and if they didn't have faith in it, they would have cut their losses, not ordered the reamining episodes of the season.

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