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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

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I haven't seen the first movie in forever and have forgotten 95% of it and it seems they made the movie with that in mind. They did a good job, imo, of creating a narrative that weaved what I perceived as fill in the blank flashbacks to the first movie in the beginning. Felt it was a good blend of action and that the story was more than paper thin(which is what I often expect from an action spectacle film). I saw it in 2-D but I think it likely would have been worth the 3-D upcharge.
I saw the movie in 3D yesterday. It wasn't worth upgrading (though I saw an IMAX screening, which is exclusively 3D). Strangely, despite the virtual portions of the movie having been shot in 3D, it usually looks very two-dimensional - not at all like Avatar, some of the most impressive shots of which simply showed human actors in closeup.
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