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Re: TV-Tastic's Commentary on the 'Fringe' move to Friday Night

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I don't hate FOX because they canceled Firefly
No, you just call Firefly "regrettably short lived" and you put a poster of the Firefly cast with the caption "Dear FOX you suck hard", but that doesn't mean you care that they canceled Firefly.

Examples, please.
Examples of genre shows that FOX gave a chance? Ummm... Dollhouse, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Fringe, Human Target? I'm pretty sure none of these shows would have lasted more than 13 episodes on any other major network.

They get a big F-You from me because they are a poorly run network... period.
They went from a joke "fourth network" in the 1980s to consistently commanding higher ad rates than any other broadcast network. They had the most watched program of the entire last decade. Despite what you think of their shows, FOX is not a "poorly run" network.

Here's a great article from Topless Robot that shows that it's not just genre.
Come on, that article cites Arrested Development as a show that was canceled too soon... It was on for THREE SEASONS. Where did this attitude come from that networks need to keep low rated shows on the schedule indefinitely?
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