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Re: TV-Tastic's Commentary on the 'Fringe' move to Friday Night

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I stopped reading when I saw you use Dollhouse as an example of FOX letting genre shows die. FOX gave that show way more chances than it deserved. No other broadcast network would have renewed it for a second season.
No need to be a negative Nancy.

Yeah somehow, I think you just skimmed. First, I didn't use Dollhouse as an example, I was quoting another blogger to make a point about the fraud of FOX. I think Dollhouse was absolutely awful.

In fact, here's what I actually posted about Dollhouse in the same blog post:

To add more salt into that particular wound and prove the point about the total lack of vision at FOX, in May of 2009 those two shows had identical audience numbers, but FOX, in their infinite wisdom and foresight, decided to cancel Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles which had 11.4 million viewers during its first season before being dumped into Friday, was incredibly well-received by critics, had an established franchise brand-name and a built-in audience in favor of renewing the Joss Whedon mess called Dollhouse that had none of these attributes going for it. Once again, nice job, FOX.
So, if you had read a little further, you'd notice that I have no love for Dollhouse whatsoever. But actually, when you think about it, as awful as it was, they put it on Friday night to die to begin with because that's what they do with everything and IIRC Whedon was none too happy about that.

I get that you hate FOX because they canceled Firefly,
I don't hate FOX because they canceled Firefly and in fact, I didn't watch Firefly in its first run so I didn't know any better. I hate FOX because it is run by monkeys.

but you don't seem to be aware that the people who made that decision aren't in charge anymore,
Irrelevant... the mentality is exactly the same. They have a long and storied history of killing good shows.

and FOX is now a lot more willing to let genre shows build an audience.
Examples, please.

Sadly, they still get a big "F you" from blogs like this one.
They get a big F-You from me because they are a poorly run network... period. Although genre is the usual victim, this has far less to do with their abuse of genre and far more to do with their knee-jerk programming decisions over the the past twenty years and ineptitude in general.

Here's a great article from Topless Robot that shows that it's not just genre.

..And add Lone Star and The Good Guys to that list as well, neither of which are genre shows.

If I were a FOX exec I'd say screw it and stop picking up genre shows, because people like you are determined to hate them no matter what they do.
Oh, I would so love if they did that, seriously. Leave the quality programming to the other networks and we can all just live with American Idol and Hell's Kitchen 5 nights a week on FOX.

The problem FOX has is that they have a history of doing very little right. I used to be a big cheerleader for them up until recently and I had to simply come to terms with the reality that they are simply just a lousy network. I would like nothing more than to be a fan of FOX again but I don't see it happening anytime soon.

Personally, I think FOX should stop trying to chase high shares and 10 million plus audiences and just start shooting for CW numbers, because that's really about where they are as far as stature is concerned.

Seriously, though, in the end, do you honestly think they are going to stand by Fringe?

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