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Re: My Dungeon Game [work in progress]

Yesterday's programming helped to aware me of the logic/data problems I have to solve for this project, which I have kept simmering over a small flame at the back of my mind today.

This evening's progress has all been design, so I know what I'm making now.

What I was hoping to do was to move away from the swords and sorcery theme of Gauntlet, and do something new. I do have a solid design worked out, but I'm not sure if it will be as enjoyable.

So keeping myself a bridge to retreat over if it doesn't work, my new design will be backward compatible with the original concept of Gauntlet.

Tomorrow I hope create some preliminary graphics for the game interface (not sprites), to try and get an idea of what feel my game will have, and to what degree I can manipulate that feel.

This is something I've noticed is unique to my design methodology, when I compare myself to other amateur game developers: mood and feeling are my highest design priorities. I'm not sure if that stems from my preference for top-down design or not.
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