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Re: Indiana Jones: The Quest for Death...aka Harrison says kill Indy!!

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Not a patch on Raiders and totally lacking the chemistry that made Last Crusade great, but it was much better overall than Temple of Doom and taken on it's own it was still an enjoyable film in it's own right and beat the hell out of pretenders like the National Treasure, Tomb Raider of Mummy
I'd dispute that a poll with 32 participants is a reliable measure of opinion.

If I fail at anything it's typing a coherent sentence and proof reading my posts...In my defence it's bloody cold here and I get punchy when I loose feeling in my fingertips.

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Uhhh...that would only be a fail if Reverend had started that thread.
That too.

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You know, I hadn't seen the 4th again until they aired it on cable a couple weeks ago, and I have to begrudgingly admit that the first half of the film works a lot better than I remembered, and actually serves as a pretty cool reintroduction to the character.
Everything up until after the bomb goes off is pretty excellent in had they written some rad Indy adventure leading up that point it would have been a brilliant ending. Even the fridge would have worked in crazy third act action scene context.

The film would have then ended with the 'Top Men' saying that they're keeping an eye on Indy, possibly setting up a sequel.
There might be something too that. In the previous movies (and in the Bond films for that matter) the prologue sequence is quick, punchy and action packed. This one takes up a good quarter of the film, goes a bit over the top and so blows the proverbial wad before the actual plot kicks in.

I still maintain however that the root of the problem is a lack of chemistry between Ford and that jittery bloke who's name I can't spell.
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