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Re: 'The Event': What's Wrong and How to Fix It

S5 of Dexter was a letdown because S4 was so good.
S1 and S2 were even better than S4. S5 was a letdown because the series had established an unusually high standard for its average, but when a series does that, it has an obligation to maintain it. There aren't any shows around as good as Dexter and so it's that much more galling when it starts to slip.

You're coming at this from a completely different perspective than I am. I like the show and the story,
What is it about the story that you like? I can't stand any of the characters and from what I can tell, the story is something about aliens who crash landed decades ago and are trying to do...something. Granted, it got so boring I started making heavy use of the fast-forward button, so I probably skipped over a lot of details, but I'm drawing a blank what it is about the show that's worth saving.
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