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Re: 'The Event': What's Wrong and How to Fix It

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I can usually write 1000 word essays on How to Fix This Sucky Show, but The Event stumps me, because everything is wrong with it. The way to fix it is to cancel it and put something better in its timeslot.

1. You got some splainin’ to do.

No, the show needs a premise that is worth explaining.

2. Simplify.

When they come up with a viable premise, yes, it should be simple at its core.

3. Less flashbacks.

If the characters were interesting, maybe the flashbacks would be worthwhile.

4. More ‘splosions, please.

If the story sucks and the characters are dull, the ‘splosions just remind us that they're a distraction from the fact that the show has nothing going for it.
Arrghh... should have mentioned this before:

You're coming at this from a completely different perspective than I am. I like the show and the story, I just think they are doing a terrible job production-wise to keep and and attract audiences. I don't think the show in general needs to be fixed, but there are certain aspects about that certainly do.

The issue regarding the action only works if there the story is there to begin with, so in that respect we agree. Action for the sake of action is a distraction if there's no substance. Again, I just don't think that's the case with The Event.

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