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Re: Fan Filmmaker's Primer

No one's posted here for a bit so I think I'll add a new topic.

I think people commonly assume the Assistant Director (or A.D. or 1st A.D.) is an assistant to the Director, which isn't at all the case. Here're what the roles break down to:
The creative brains behind the production. On the set, the big D works primarily with the talent (actors) and the camera crew (DP, etc.) to get the takes.

Technically, the A.D. (who reports to the producer, not the director) runs the set. This is a vitally important role, as it leaves the director free to focus on the shots. The A.D. checks with departments to make sure everything is ready, calls all the technical stuff related to starting and stopping takes, and generally watches the shooting schedule to make sure the scheduled work is being accomplished.

(There are also 2nd and 3rd A.D.s, but it's exceedingly unlikely that any fan production would be big enough to require them.)
I originally made this A.D. Checklist document (PDF) for Starship Polaris in the event I could not be on the set for any reason or if someone else had to temporarily take over the A.D. job. Feel free to have a look or use it if you think it might be useful.
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