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Re: Welcome Fellow Trekkies! The GTD Get to Know You thread

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Don't scare me like that! Thank you Rear Admiral, although I apologise for being (and I quote) "a young upstart" if that has annoyed you. It wasn't intentional.
Hahahahahahaha... we need more "young upstarts" like you. That term is a compliment, kirsten187! I take care of my mom, who is an invalid, at home. I am also the greater family's taxi driver, messenger boy, furniture mover and more... so my time here is sometimes limited. Thanks to your "young upstart" attitude everyone gets to be greeted whether I am here or not.

futureboy, there are so many avatars to choose AND you can change it as often as you wish. For Halloween and Christmas we usually have a chance to pick holiday screen names, too. kirsten187 is right about the Redshirt Lounge... and as you get promoted you will move to other Lounges, where you will meet other new friends.
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