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Re: Exploring the Uncharted Territories: A Farscape Viewing Experience

I loved the premiere and I, ET. The premiere was a great way to really make you feel like you were in Critchon's shoe's and what it would be like to find yourself aboard an alien ship like that. He adapts quickly, thinks on his feet and obviously has a connection with Aeryn from day one. One of the better pilot episodes I've seen..........

I, ET made "us" (humans) the "alien" being discovered and while it was early in the series, it was this type of new take on a story like that that had been done before on many shows that gave me hope that this was going to be a great series.

As for your comments..........Moya is beautiful and very well designed. I, like you, enjoy the fact that she has no weapons and starburst is her only recourse. We've had enough "space battles" from other shows that this forces the show to make different decisions than it might otherwise make.

In short, everything about the show from the outset screams "I'm setting out to do Sci-Fi differently than any show before me.". I like it!

Looking forward to more episode reviews.........
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