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Re: Exploring the Uncharted Territories: A Farscape Viewing Experience

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Are you going to do fancy reviews and counters and end-of-season graphs like TheGodBen and Admiral Shran? It doesn't count if you don't.
I can't possibly live up to such lofty examples. If you expect that, you're going to be disappointed! For the most part, my comments are probably going to end up being observations, little things I liked or didn't like, rather than full-out reviews of the episodes. To keep my thoughts organized as much as possible for myself, I'm also going to be typing up each section as I watch an episode.

As I remarked to Harvey in the thread I linked to earlier, I'm not sure how many thoughts I'll have during this watching experience to offer that will actually be worth reading, particularly for people who've seen the series (multiple times) before. But perhaps a small comment of mine will spin off into an interesting discussion, which would be all worth it on its own.

- I love the exterior and interior designs of Moya. So much more interesting than the sterile-by-comparison design of Trek ships. I also think it's an interesting touch that Moya has no weapons and only has starburst for defense - lends itself well to "brain over brawn," which I find far more satisfying than watching the protagonists of a series shoot their way out of a bad situation.

- To be honest, Crais's obsession with Crichton didn't make much sense to me the first time I watched season one. Crichton's collision with the brother's Prowler was so obviously an accident that I find Crais's murderous reaction to be perplexing. I could understand it in this episode since he didn't know who/what Crichton was, but it seemed odd to me as an ongoing issue. Maybe I'll feel differently this time around.

- Even though this was probably the third time I've seen this particular exchange, I still find myself amused by D'Argo's admission that he isn't an adult by his people's reckoning, especially his spirited objection to Zhaan's teasing.

- As a big Firefly fan, I of course love the rough-and-tumble, who can you trust? nature of this rag-tag crew thrown together by circumstance against their own will. Their introduction to Crichton, as well as his first visit to an alien world, was suitably "what the hell..." for me-as-viewer to empathize with his confusion.

- Duct tape still fixes everything, even if you're on the other side of the galaxy from home. Love it.

- Fart jokes rarely do anything for me, but the bit Rygel farting helium and the resulting high-pitched voices was a pretty good chuckle.

I, E.T.
- "Who's Yoda?" - already loving Crichton's references to Earth popular culture and idioms leaving the others confused.

- Go figure Crichton would encounter people on this planet involved in a search for extraterrestrial life. I think it's interesting that this is the first episode after the pilot, since it sort of mirrors Crichton's own situation. He gets thrust into a distant part of the galaxy, forced onto a living ship with alien "comrades," and now here he is, separated from those comrades and in the process changing the entire worldview of two people just like his had been changed in the premiere. Of course, since he's on their territory, unlike his situation with Moya, they have the luxury to be much more overtly excited by the revelation than he's had time for.

- I like having these little DRDs running around the ship. Helps to flesh out Moya a bit more as a separate entity, and it makes a lot of sense to me for a ship to have roaming repair bots. I also find their little eyestalks amusing.

- I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the rustic Earth look of this planet. Maybe it's a little unfair, but I'm rather tired of such settings, given their preponderance in the Trek and Stargate franchises. It seems a little too "cute," right down to the old-fashioned television set. I think I would have preferred that things look similar but still a bit "off," rather than identical.

- Anyone think Crichton may have started a new cultural mainstay with the kiss?

Exodus from Genesis
- I'm with Crichton on the use of a dentic for teeth cleaning. Screw that.

- I'm enjoying Rygel's characterization so far as an overbearing, deposed ruler. As entitled and insufferable he still acts despite that setback, he seems to have adapted quite well into his status as an escaped prisoner: he's not above petty thievery and he's primarily concerned with his personal well-being above that of the others on the ship. If I had to live with him onboard Moya, though, I think I would've punted the little guy by now.

- Go DRD! I liked one of those little guys zapping D'Argo when he started cutting into Moya to get to the chamber the bugs had sealed off.

- D'Argo's idea for differentiating the crew from the replicants reminds me of something a Klingon might suggest. Who thinks that cutting off part of a finger is a good idea? Crazy warrior species...

- Between this episode and the B-plot of the previous episode, I like the use of Moya itself as a setting, rather than as merely a home base for the crew. When you have such a cool setting, it deserves to be explored thoroughly, something that both Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe failed on. I don't have a good memory of the other season one episodes that I've seen, but I hope this trend continues. It's a nice contrast to arriving at a new planet and having a wacky adventure every week.

- Crichton's plan to drive the Peacekeepers off of Moya was pretty clever, especially his bluff that he was responsible for the multiplication and could use it to fight back against Crais.

- I'm really impressed by the spacescapes seen so far. Beautiful, particularly the

- For a superficial comment... Claudia Black has nice legs.

Looking at Wikipedia, I see that a few of the early episodes were aired out of production order. Does anyone know why? I assume it's as simple as some episodes taking longer than others to put together.
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