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^So your excuse is you don't know what a link looks like? That's the best you can do?
It is not my concern whether you think I gave my "best" or not. I don't indulge in games of witless pursuits of ego and bravado, I tell the truth; wrong right or oblivious.

Whatever. Look at it this way; if asari didn't have eezo nodules in their nervous systems then they wouldn't be able to make use of biotic amps which "synchronize the nodules so they can form fields large and strong enough for practical use."
Indeed. I came to a similar conclusion after looking up biotic amp. Asari amps are highly prized and used by everyone so their must be compatible.

It's all rather academic anyway as there's been nothing to suggest that Reapers would have the slightest interest in a race for it's biotic abilities since they're living starships that can build their own bodies with massive eezo cores. Whatever criteria they judge races by it's something more than just simple biological attributes. If biotics is really what interested them then the Collectors wouldn't have been going after human colonies, they'd be hitting asari space, no?

That really has been yet to be determined untill their task is complete. And I don't mean the continuation of the story but we really do have wait and see if they reap the technology or the life forms.
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