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^So your excuse is you don't know what a link looks like? That's the best you can do?

Whatever. Look at it this way; if asari didn't have eezo nodules in their nervous systems then they wouldn't be able to make use of biotic amps which "synchronize the nodules so they can form fields large and strong enough for practical use." And yet we know from ME1 Liara makes use of amps because we can equip her with one and of course it says right there in the codex that the very best amps are made by the asari. Why would they be the best at making something that according to you they would by definition have no use for? The answer is of course that they clearly do have a use for them, because they have eezo in their system just like all biotics. Indeed the very premise and central conceit of the entire franchise is that eezo is the only element in the universe that can emit dark energy and thus generate mass effect fields. Even IF asari are "natural biotic" they'd still need eezo as part of their biological chemistry. Whether this is ingested from from Thessia's food chain or water table and passed from mother to daughter or through unnatural exposure in-utero like humans the result would still have to be the same. QED.

It's all rather academic anyway as there's been nothing to suggest that Reapers would have the slightest interest in a race for it's biotic abilities since they're living starships that can build their own bodies with massive eezo cores. Whatever criteria they judge races by it's something more than just simple biological attributes. If biotics is really what interested them then the Collectors wouldn't have been going after human colonies, they'd be hitting asari space, no?
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