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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract -- Part II

mirandafave -- Thanks so much for the comments. I really like your analogy comparing the neural interface to an ex-drone being like drugs to a former addict. The thing about Icheb is, he never had a choice. Not even once. He was sent to the Borg by his parents, the Borg had their way with him, and when he was damaged, they cut him off. He wanted to rejoin the Collective, but Janeway convinced him it was impossible. Then the second time around with his parents, all of those decisions were out of his hands, too. This is the first time he's been exposed to something similar to what he "lost" since he's been an adult in charge of his own destiny. It's going to have an impact. It remains to be seen how large that impact will be.

Gul Re'jal -- We'll see what happens with the Sol and Luna. Things weren't looking so good for them the last time we saw them. As for Adele, yeah. Her job is not an easy one at all. She's barely had a chance to breathe since this mission began. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

Enterprise1981 -- That's an interesting observation you made, that Adele seems to be trying to ride the fence regarding Omega. She hasn't blown it up, but she's not eager to use it just yet. I think your assessment is accurate right now, but we'll see how her attitudes might develop given more time. Thanks for the comment!

Oldstredshrtevr -- Haha. You're always looking for the Admiral. We will indeed see what he thinks about things soon. As for Icheb -- yes, perhaps he's living Kirk's dream, in a way, but then again, we've also seen the high price he's paid for the ability to do it. As always, thanks so much for reading and sharing your thoughts.
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