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Exploring the Uncharted Territories: A Farscape Viewing Experience

A long time ago (some years now), I promised Emh that I would some day get around to a genuine effort at working my way through the Farscape saga. Since that time, I've purchased the complete series set and The Peacekeeper Wars. Some time prior to that promise, I had seen most of season four and PKW on television in first-run, with nary a clue as to what the hell it was I was watching. Not all that long ago (a few months), I had sat down with the intention of finally fulfilling that long-ago but never forgotten promise. I saw most of season one at that time, but somehow my intentions went off-track and I abandoned (through no genuine conscious decision) the project.

Since that interruption, I've rewatched all of Star Trek and ST: The Next Generation, as well as watched for the first time all of ST: Deep Space Nine. Now that the fall 2010 semester is finished, I have decided to resume my Farscape plans. Harvey suggested that I start a discussion thread when I mentioned this intention earlier this month on the board. At that time, I didn't plan on doing so, but I've since decided otherwise, in part because an ongoing thread might keep me focused and prevent any interruptions this time around. This, naturally, is that thread. As I type this, I am re-watching the premiere episode.

Would anyone care to jump down the rabbit hole with me?
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