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Re: Indiana Jones: The Quest for Death...aka Harrison says kill Indy!!

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...keep him alive but move him into a supporting role with Mutt (who came up with that name?!) to the forefront.
Well, its more a nickname, like Indy(named for the dog he loved). Mutt(nickname no doubt playing off the dog thing) is really ALSO named Henry. He is Henry Jones III.
Well, that's not really his name. He grew up thinking his dad was an Englishman, so he wouldn't have been given the Jones surname.
Wait. Are you telling me that Wiki is wrong?!! The horror, how could this happen.

I get what you mean in context. Nothing stopping him from changing his name now that he knows so that for INDY 5 it is HJIII.

I also really like INDY 4 and while I can admit to some fault with it I think its overblown. Much like the overblown hate for Terminator 4. Flaws, sure some but you'd think the art of cinema had been nuked the way some people pour outrage into their blown out of proportion 'points'.
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