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Re: Indiana Jones: The Quest for Death...aka Harrison says kill Indy!!

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...keep him alive but move him into a supporting role with Mutt (who came up with that name?!) to the forefront.
Well, its more a nickname, like Indy(named for the dog he loved). Mutt(nickname no doubt playing off the dog thing) is really ALSO named Henry. He is Henry Jones III.
^Oh I know, but it's still a crap nickname.

Incidentally, with all the KotCS hate flying around I should admit in all honesty that I rather liked the film. Not a patch on Raiders and totally lacking the chemistry that made Last Crusade great, but it was much better overall than Temple of Doom and taken on it's own it was still an enjoyable film in it's own right and beat the hell out of pretenders like the National Treasure, Tomb Raider of Mummy films audiences have been subjected to since Indy last rode off into that sunset. So yeah, I'd take a sub-par Indy over just about any other adventure movie any day.
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