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Re: New Catalog covers and info- cover/info not final

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I was just checking and the early descriptions and covers are up for Voyager: Children of the Storm, Vanguard: Declassified, and TOS: A Choice of Catastrophes and Cast No Shadow have been added to the S&S catalog.
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I think it's already been stated that the blurb given for Declassified is incorrect; the stories described there are placeholder ideas proposed early in the process, and the actual stories they settled on are different. As for the cover, I assume the other authors' names will be added, and I bet that digital model of the Enterprise is a placeholder for another Connie.
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I seem to remember David Mack saying as much about a blurb for Declassified was incorrect.

Is there any chance Misters Ward or Mack could comment either way though or somewhen else who is actually involved in Declassified.
I can confirm that absolutely everything on the S&S digital catalog page for Declassified is completely wrong: the incomplete author list at the top, the cover art, the description. They even call it a novel when it's actually an anthology of four novellas. Except for the fact that they associated my name with it as an author, they got nearly every detail wrong.
Sorry, about that. I couldn't remember if that was the same one that was posted before. So I decided to post it just in case it wasn't, guess I should have gone with my gut and not posted it.

I'm really, really excited for all four of these. I've enjoyed stories by all of these authors in the past, and they all focus on topics or characters I'm interested in.
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